Maa Vaishno Devi Yatra

OXY99 oxygen can for Maa Vaishno Devi Yatra is amazing for overcoming the effects of altitude on the body of the pilgrims. For completing the yatra, the pilgrims need to trek on foot from Katra for 13.5 km to Shri Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan, which is situated at high altitude of 1584.96m. As you might be aware, oxygen is found in short supply at high altitude. Numerous pilgrims face hard problems trekking to the heights in the face of low oxygen. Some of them even die as they cannot handle low oxygen and various health hazards that occur because of low oxygen. The effects of altitude adversely affect the health of the pilgrims.

Oxygen being 21% of the dry air, the inspired oxygen pressure is 0.21*(100-6.3) =19.6kPa at sea level. Atmospheric pressure and inspired oxygen pressure continues to fall with the rise in altitude. At the altitude of 5500m, atmospheric pressure and inspired oxygen pressure decreases to 50% of the sea level value and it remains only 30% of the sea level value at 8900m. Mountain medicine categorizes altitude into three regions:

  • High altitude = 1,500–3,500 metres
  • Very high altitude = 3,500–5,500 metres
  • Extreme altitude = above 5,500 metres

Maa Vaisno Devi being situated at high altitude, the pilgrims will start feeling the effects of low oxygen level. Typical symptoms of high altitude include headache, anorexia, insomnia, and breathlessness. Human body functions at optimum level at sea level, where the atmospheric pressure is 101,325 Pa or 1013.25 millibars. The concentration of oxygen in sea level air is 20.9%, so the partial pressure is of oxygen is 21.136 kPa. At this level, hemoglobin is saturated in healthy individuals. Hemoglobin is oxygen-binding red pigment in red blood cells. OXY99 oxygen cans helps Maa Vaishno Devi yatra pilgrims to overcome the symptoms of low oxygen level.

Benefits of OXY99 oxygen can for Maa Vaishno Devi Yatra

As the higher from the sea level, oxygen level in the atmosphere starts to decrease, which can expose you to various hazards like cardiac arrest, breathlessness, dizziness, etc. However, OXY99 oxygen cylinders can help you overcome the symptoms.

1. Dizziness As you ascend to high altitude, it is but natural that oxygen level will decline causing dizziness. Numerous pilgrims visiting Mata Vaishno Devi cannot cope with the lack of oxygen and start suffering from dizziness, which can easily be cured by inhaling from OXY99 oxygen cans.

2. Breathlessness Many pilgrims complain of breathlessness when they visit the Mata Vaishno Devi Bhawan. Apart from the shortness of breath, they also feel sharp pain in the chest. All these are symptoms of problems caused by low oxygen level at the high altitude. Inhaling oxygen from the OXY99 oxygen cylinders will guard you from the low oxygen complications.

3. Cardiac –diabetic It is reported in the newspapers from time to time of pilgrims to Mata Vaishno Devi succumbing to the sudden cardiac arrest. Oxygen being low at high altitude, pilgrims with a heart condition might fall prey to a sudden cardiac arrest. However, it could be averted if you use OXY99 portable canned oxygen.

4. Asthma/COPD attack Pilgrims afflicted with breathing disorders can suffer sudden asthma or COPD attack while climbing on the Shivalik Hills to visit Mata Vaishno Devi. As a precaution, it is recommended that that the pilgrims must carry at least two or three oxygen cans to make up for the decrease in the oxygen level.

5. Cerebral hypoxia Pilgrims afflicted with cerebral hypoxia should be aware of the risk they are exposed while making a high altitude pilgrimage to Maa Vaishno Devi. On encountering low oxygen, the brain tissues start dying within 5 minutes. Before embarking on the Yatra, you should get 3-4 OXY99 oxygen cylinders to combat the side-effects of low oxygen you will encounter at Maa Vaisno Devi Yatra.

How OXY99 oxygen can works?

OXY99 oxygen can instantly increases oxygen levels in the body and helps restore brain and body functions to normal. It is safe and easy to use medically certified oxygen in a can.

Advantages of OXY99
  • Weighs only 100 grams
  • Very easy to carry pack
  • Fitted with ergonomically built-in mask and trigger system
  • Can also connect with standard oxygen mask and tube


Oxygen is our primary source of energy and is responsible for 90% of the brain and body functions.


  • Foodglucose
  • +
  • Oxygenin the air


  • Energykeeps our
    body running
  • +
  • H2Owater
  • +
  • CO2carbon

OXY99 instantly increases the level of oxygen in the body and helps to restore the body and brain functions to normal.By inhaling just 3 to five short bursts, OXY99helps recover from conditions resulting in low oxygen levels in the body.

oxygen in a can
  • Press trigger to spray
  • short burst of oxygen
  • into nose or mouth
  • while inhaling deeply.
oxygen cannister
  • Exhale normally and do
  • not hold your breath.
oxygen can
  • Also compatible with
  • oxygen breathing mask
  • *Supplied separately.

THERE ARE NO SIDE EFFECTS of breathing upto 99% pure oxygen in a normal person for short intervals. Prolonged oxygen usage means breathing pure oxygen continuously. This product is not intended to prevent, treat or cure any disease.